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Social Responsibility

Promoting economic, social and environmental progress at eCom

As well as helping clients solve their business challenges, we are delighted our digital learning solutions also have a positive effect for society as a whole, helping support economic, social and environmental progress. Here are some of the ways we achieve this.

We create skilled jobs and focus on recruiting the right team members into those roles, as well as encouraging retention by ensuring they are fairly rewarded for the work they do. We’re a living wage employer and have signed up to the Scottish Business Pledge - a values-led partnership between Government and business that is based on boosting productivity and competitiveness through fairness, equality and sustainable employment.

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Wendy Edie, Managing Director eCom Learning Solutions

It is hugely important to us that our team, their families, our clients, their local area and the wider community and the economy all benefit from what we do. Our team like to see others in their community benefit too and are supporting good causes of their choosing. To help them do so, we’re pleased to offer flexible working arrangements, enabling them to make a positive difference.

We're also contributing to life-long learning in other ways. We strive to promote an environment in which as many people as possible are given the opportunity to excel. We've recently become one of the official sponsors for Spartans SWPL team, as well as Kirkcaldy ice hockey club. These strong links with the local community are with organisations whose values mirror our own.

Through providing our innovative learning solutions, we’re able to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, in particular Goal #4 – Quality Education, and Goal #8 – Decent work and economic growth.

eCom Scotland is proud to be part of Pawprint, Healthy Working Lives, Career Positive Employer In Scotland and Scottish Business Pledge

Our Environmental Credentials

As well as supporting economic growth and facilitating learning, we also respect and enhance the environment. Indeed, environmental policy is a very much at the forefront of our work. Many of our customers are governmental departments, including SEPA and, as part of their supply chain, we’re required to share our policies and ensure we’re meeting these at all times. As a Microsoft Azure partner, we’ve taken many steps to ensure our code and hosting uses the least amount of electricity possible, while still ensuring reliability. Our headquarters, in Scotland, uses power which is fully renewable and we aim to minimise our water usage in our buildings and vehicles. We’re also committed to using recycled or upcycled goods as well as environmentally safe cleaning products.

In an attempt to further reduce our carbon footprint, we have also signed up to Pawprint, an employee engagement tool, with the aim of harnessing the energy in our team already have to fight climate change.