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Benefits of Online Assessment Compared to Traditional

Thinking about using an online assessment platform in your organisation, but not sure how this will compare to traditional assessment? Read on to find out the benefits of online assessment, and how it can help you avoid the common challenges associated with traditional assessment methods.

The shift towards a digital approach in recent years has highlighted for many organisations and businesses that their processes cannot be confined to traditional methods. One area that has embraced digital and remote technology is the world of online assessment. As a result, organisations are moving away from traditional assessment in favour of online solutions.

If you or your business haven’t already made this switch, you may be wondering what benefits of online assessment are there and does this mean we should stop using traditional assessment methods and physical locations. The online assessment benefits are numerous for both the organisation and the candidate and can also help overcome the challenges of traditional assessment.

Posted 12 August 2022

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Reduced Administration

A win for you and your organisation! When running exams online, organisations can greatly reduce the time and administrative burden of using traditional assessments such as printing and circulating exam papers, organising the movement of scripts to markers and then back again, which can all be costly and time-consuming.

Not to mention, that with online assessment you also don’t run the risk of losing or damaging papers, which all together makes the assessment process much easier for you and your organisation.

More Efficient Marking

Thanks to the reduced administrative process involved, another online assessment benefit is that marking is often much quicker, reducing the time for candidates to get their results and generally streamlining the whole assessment process.

An Enhanced Process

Another benefit of online assessment is that thanks to the development of technology, the assessment process can be enhanced through the use of different types of media which can make a more engaging experience for the learner.

Increased Flexibility

A key element of online assessment is its accessibility. Remotely delivered exams remove both geographical and social challenges of needing to take an assessment in a physical location. For example, the use of online invigilation (eProctoring) allows flexibility and means that exams don’t have to be taken in specific assessment centres.

This removes the added worry of having to attend an in-person exam and also levels the playing field between candidates, for example in recruitment related exams. Instead, the person taking the exam can choose a time and a place to complete the assessment that suits them.

A More Sustainable Solution

An online assessment platform is also much more environmentally friendly option compared to traditional methods, with less paper, printing and transport is used in the process.

Overall, it is clear to see the numerous benefits of online assessment compared to using traditional or paper-based exams, which is why there has been a rapid increase in the use of digital platforms over the last few years.

If you and your organisation are not already using online assessment but feel like you could benefit from its many advantages, or you’ve recently discovered a need for assessment, eCom’s flexible digital assessment platform, eNetAssess, could be a great solution. With all the online assessment benefits, eNetAssess can help you to have confidence that your exams are accessible, reliable and secure. 

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