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eLearning Design and Development - Tailor-Made to Meet Your Needs

Your reliable source for eLearning where instructional rigour and product integrity are crucial to your outcomes.

Creative, accessible, and instructionally sound principles and methodologies underpin all our eLearning design and development work. Our experienced eLearning design teams have core competencies including instructional design, user experience and interface design, digital media design, and content authoring using a wide variety of tools and technologies. If you need support for eLearning project work, or are looking to accelerate your efforts with proven just-in-time, short-term, or long-term design and development expertise and capacity, look no further.

Key Features and Benefits of eCom bespoke eLearning design and development

Icon Dedicated Teams

Dedicated, diverse teams

Every eCom eLearning project includes an optimal skill-mix of project and account managers, instructional designers, ui/ux experts and digital designers and authors. No shortcuts or compromises.

Icon Mature Process

Mature, proven processes

eCom has a mature, collaborative design and development process that engages stakeholders throughput projects and particularly during key project milestones.

Icon Instructional Integrity

Instructional rigour

eCom has decades of in-house design experience that is especially critical during the early phases of every project where needs and outcomes are assessed and key inputs are provided to designers.

Icon Experience Trust

Experience and trust

For over 25 years, organisations have relied on eCom to realise their digital learning vision and goals. You can count on eCom to ensure promises are in sync with our ability to deliver on them.

What problems does bespoke eLearning from eCom address?

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Delivering consistent learning messages and interactions at scale

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Supporting the training needs of geographically dispersed, alternate or hybrid workforces to support your changing or growing universe

Icon Tick

Addressing high employee turnover rates, low employee engagement, or poor learning culture within your organisation

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Cutting down training costs or the administrative burden or productivity challenges associated with traditional programmes

Icon Tick

Training or onboarding new hires or rolling out new products and services training quickly

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Keeping up-to-date with regulatory demands or rapidly changing laws and regulations (compliance training)

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Providing easy and effective learning opportunities for employees, staff, customers, volunteers, resellers, vendors and partners

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Upskilling or reskilling learners with the latest business-critical, technical, and soft skills

Use cases for eLearning

Employee Staff And Volunteer Training

Employee and staff learning and development

Academic Further Or Higher Education Learning

Academic, further or higher education learning

Accessible Learning For Disabled Audiences

Accessible learning for disadvantaged audiences

Compliance And Regulatory Training

Compliance and regulatory training

Association Or Membership Organisation Learning

Association or membership organisation learning

Customer Partner Reseller Training

Customer, partner, reseller and extended enterprise training

Continuing Education

Continuing education and development

Extended Enterprise

Orientation, induction and onboarding programmes

Take a Tailored LMS Test Drive

We'll provide you with a tailored, fully-branded instance and demonstration of eNetLearn for you to use and evaluate free for 30 days. Signup is easy. Just fill out and submit the form and we'll have your branded demo site ready within two working days.

LMS Test Drive

We'll provide you with a tailored, fully-branded instance and demonstration of eNetLearn for you to use and evaluate free for 30 days.

Take a Test Drive

Why choose eCom for bespoke eLearning design and development?

  • Flexibility to address simple to complex digital learning and assessment scenarios
  • Service delivery options designed for your specific needs
  • Long-term customer care and performance mindset
  • Breadth and depth of digital learning experience and expertise
  • Corporate and personal responsibility and social values
  • Trusted and reliable partner with strong company culture