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Be confident that your assessments and exams are accessible, reliable, unbiased and secure.

Organisations around the world are realising that teaching, evaluating and assessing their audience are essential actions that can no longer be restricted to the confines of traditional, physical locations. Many organisations are transitioning from using the traditional assessment methods to using online assessment tools that not only benefit learners and instructors, but also organisations that embrace them.

eNetAssess is our flexible online assessment platform for designing, delivering and managing online exams and assessments where integrity and security are paramount. eNetAssess offers a complete online assessment solution that includes test creation, question authoring, centre management, scheduling, authentication, invigilation and verification, reporting and analytics and more.

Key features and benefits of eNetAssess

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Full range of online, easy-to-use formative or summative assessment options

Icon Question Flows

Simple to complex question flows, marking rubrics and algorithms

Icon Roles

Wide range of roles supported including administrator, author, invigilator, assessor, and more

Icon Realtime Feedback

Real-time feedback for assessment administrators and stakeholders

Icon Test Creation

Test creation and question authoring with extensive range of question types 

Icon Centre Management

Administrative features for centre management and scheduling

Icon Authentication 1

Assessment authentication, proctoring, invigilation and verification

Icon Poor Connectivity

Delivery options for locations with limited or poor connectivity

What problems does eNetAssess address?

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Lack of flexibility for assessment delivery locations and times

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Administrative burden and complexity of paper-based examinations

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Challenging preparation, marking and moderating of assessments

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Lengthy evaluations and results timelines due to legacy processes

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Environmental impact of traditional methods

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Lack of assessment delivery security and integrity

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Lack of convenient reporting and analytical tools

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Human, logistic and administrative costs associated with a traditional examinations

Example Use cases for eNetAssess

Example Use cases for eNetAssess

  • For formative assessment scenarios, eNetAssess is being adopted by schools, further education institutions and professional associations to measure where learners are in their acquisition of skills or knowledge. This can make it easier to provide tailored feedback, interventions or action plans to improve learning and attainment.
  • For summative assessment scenarios, eNetAssess is used by exam boards and awarding organisations delivering high-stakes exams. Practical considerations such as having the necessary IT hardware to enable large numbers of students to sit an electronic examination, as well as the need to ensure a stringent level of security are among the concerns that need are resolved to accomplish this transition.
  • For observational assessments, eNetAssess provides reductions in administration-related time and costs, provides better reporting functionality, and a clearer audit trail. Assessors can observe actions and tasks in a controlled environment, record results in real-time, and much more.

Why choose eCom for an online assessment?

  • Flexibility to address simple to complex digital learning and assessment scenarios
  • Service delivery options designed for your specific needs
  • Long-term customer care and performance mindset
  • Breadth and depth of digital learning experience and expertise
  • Corporate and personal responsibility and social values
  • Trusted and reliable partner with strong company culture