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Our Customer Care Support Mindset

To Be Your Trusted, Reliable and Preferred Partner

At eCom Learning Solutions, we believe customer care involves being accessible, kind, courteous, responsive, and professional. We'll listen very carefully to your issues and concerns. But beyond listening well, our approach to customer support and care means doing everything in our power to efficiently and accurately serve each customer. We'll clearly explain and communicate solutions to clients if problems do arise. We strive to make our team members a highly visual part of the entire customer experience. All of these components we hope lead to happy and loyal customers!

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What you can expect from eCom customer care

  • Informed and timely responses to your customer support needs
  • Access to eCom experts aligned with the needs of your stakeholder groups
  • Face-to-face, direct support from our teams when preferred or needed
  • Engagement with real people who know (and are involved in) your projects
  • Service levels aligned with your needs and expectations

Company Culture Drives Customer Success at eCom

At eCom, our company culture is one in which everyone works together very closely, and our teams have more hands-on opportunities to make decisions, to see work through to completion, and to feel ownership over the end product.

We also have the benefit of being more nimble, allowing quicker and easier interactions between skill sets to improve relationships and productivity both internally and with our clients. 

We achieve these synergies by combining our skills in strategic ways. For example, our sales, marketing, QA and development teams all interact and communicate regularly to identify product improvement and innovation opportunities - and to increase communication, transparency and project outcomes.

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Customer Care and Support Enquiries

For common issues such as system registration and password resets, please contact your local System Administrator. For other issues, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Phone: UK +44 01383 630032

Email: connect@ecomlearningsolutions.com


Customer Support Hours

Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5:30 BST