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Digital Learning and Assessment Strategy, Consulting, and Research and Development

eCom helps businesses, government, education, and charitable sectors design and realise their digital learning vision. Wherever you are on your digital learning solutions journey, eCom can help you achieve your goals. Our experienced teams are ready to assist you with Learning Technology Solutions Design, L&D Consulting, and Learning Technology Research and Development.

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Learning Technology Solutions Design

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Learning and Development Consulting

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Learning Technology R&D

Learning Technology Solution Design

eCom has an unparalleled reputation and track record for designing and delivering digital learning and assessment solutions for complex use cases. If you have unique requirements or programme characteristics that can’t be met with off-the-shelf solutions, eCom can help. Our experienced design and development teams can unpack and give clarity to complex requirements to provide creative, attainable, and affordable solutions. With eCom, you can get precisely what you need, and you don’t have to settle for limited feature-sets or implied workforce learning methodologies reflected in fixed system designs. eCom has the systems and tools, the expertise, the flexibility, and the people to make your vision happen.  

Learning and Development Consultancy

Whether you need to design small learning interventions, develop organisation-wide workforce or L&D strategies, or something in between, our experienced team of learning and technology specialists can help. We’ll help you review your current learning capabilities and identify new opportunities. We’ll support you in defining your strategic learning goals and ensuring these are connected to your people and aligned with your business. We can recommend services to address your business issues (short, medium, and long-term) as well as advising on implementation and development of your learning strategy.

Learning Technology Research and Development

At eCom, our commitment to R&D and innovation is part of our DNA. Some examples of recent work R&D work include:

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Assessing Reality Impact Project

This Ufi project was completed in 2020 and added to the work of a previous seed project. eCom worked with subject matter experts in further education awarding bodies to develop an authoring tool that non-technical staff could use to create Virtual Reality experiences used for learning and assessment.

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Innovate UK

This Feasibility Project starting March 2021 allows the development of tools to provide support for Haptics and “real space” control of robots using Virtual Reality within our eNetReality authoring tool.

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University of Dundee

This project allows University of Dundee will support eCom on the development of VR Haptics for use in learning situations, where they will make their User experience lab available to analyse the VR haptic activity and user interface.

Our Digital Learning Strategy solutions address a wide range of business challenges

Complex Or Unique Learning

Complex or unique learning and assessment scenarios or use cases

Lack Of Infrastructure Or Internal Resources

Lack of infrastructure or internal resources to design and develop solutions

Understanding Your Current Position

Understanding your current position, obstacles, and potential solutions

Poor Learning Connectivity

Poor learning connectivity and audience access concerns

Online And Offline Scenarios

Online and offline scenarios for isolated audiences

Mobile Apps Multi Device And Business Integrated Solutions

Mobile apps, multi-device, and business integrated solutions

Why choose eCom?

  • Flexibility to address simple to complex digital learning and assessment scenarios
  • Service delivery options designed for your specific needs
  • Long-term customer care and performance mindset
  • Breadth and depth of digital learning experience and expertise
  • Corporate and personal responsibility and social values
  • Trusted and reliable partner with strong company culture