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Affordable, Accessible and Easy-to-use Learning Management System - eNetLearn

Provide your local or distributed employees, partners, suppliers, customers and others with effective, unfettered access to digital learning opportunities.

eNetLearn is a mobile-first, easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) that could be the ideal eLearning delivery platform choice for many organisations. eNetLearn gives learners access to structured, self-service eLearning and support materials in disciplines inside and outside of their core roles and helps organisations prepare their teams for the future of work.  Combined with your eLearning or ours, eNetLearn provides a comprehensive, powerful digital learning solution to reach learners wherever they are, whenever they need it. Like all eCom digital learning platforms, eNetLearn can be used independently or integrated seamlessly with other systems.

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Key features and benefits of eCom’s learning management system - eNetLearn

Icon Brand Alignment

Aligned with your brand, organisational goals, and desired outcomes

Icon Deploy Courses

Easily deploy bespoke or ready-made eLearning courses and other media resources.

Icon Learning Groups

Create learning groups and blended programmes and target content for specific roles and audiences

Icon Up And Running

Get up and running quickly and cost-effectively

Icon Learning Admin

Easy-to-use learning administration and reporting

Icon Track Learning

Track learning activity, engagement, and performance

Icon Integrations

Integrations with back office and other systems

Icon Learn Ondeman

Learning on-demand from any device, any time

Icon Scalable Secure

Scalable, secure, and reliable cloud-based delivery

What problems does an LMS from eCom potentially address?

Icon Tick

Complexity and usability of existing learning solutions

Icon Tick

Lack of flexibility and innovation in legacy systems

Icon Tick

Lack of insight about learning activity

Icon Tick

Costly licensing schemes in current systems and applications

Icon Tick

High training-related costs with legacy programmes

Icon Tick

Keeping up to date with compliance and regulatory demands

Icon Tick

Lack of learning infrastructure and resources

Icon Tick

Timeliness of new programme rollouts

Use cases for eCom’s LMS

Cloud Based Portals

Cloud-based learning portals and academies

Collabarative And Blended Learning

Collaborative and blended learning environments

Employee Induction

Employee induction, onboarding, and continued development portals

Compliance Risk Management

Compliance and risk management portals


eCommerce sites for selling learning content

Fast Track Your Elearning

Get ready to fast track your eLearning delivery

Why choose eCom for a learning management system?

  • Flexibility to address simple to complex digital learning and assessment scenarios
  • Service delivery options designed for your specific needs
  • Long-term customer care and performance mindset
  • Breadth and depth of digital learning experience and expertise
  • Corporate and personal responsibility and social values
  • Trusted and reliable partner with strong company culture

Take a Tailored LMS Test Drive

We'll provide you with a tailored, fully-branded instance and demonstration of eNetLearn for you to use and evaluate free for 30 days. Signup is easy. Just fill out and submit the form and we'll have your branded demo site ready within two working days.

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LMS Test Drive

We'll provide you with a tailored, fully-branded instance and demonstration of eNetLearn for you to use and evaluate free for 30 days.

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