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How VR can improve your workforce learning and development

Many organisations are already using VR to provide more personalized, intuitive learning and assessment experiences for their staff, no matter where they are located around the world. If you’re considering doing the same, here are some of the key ways you could benefit.

Posted 10 November 2022

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The big picture

As with any investment, you want returns to outweigh the original cost. By looking at the bigger picture, you’ll see why this definitely is the case with VR. The bigger picture includes:

  • Scalability, adaptability and reuse of the training content: VR training is easy to roll out to your learners no matter their location. All you have to do is decide which deployment option will work best. Check out our previous blog post on deployment options and methods.
  • Training new recruits: Using VR for induction and on-the-job training helps with onboarding new employees, making the process not only more enjoyable but also more efficient. Employees can be given a tour of their new office, view different locations, meet their team, and take part in any training that may be needed before they start. This will give them more confidence when starting their new role and save you time and money on any traveling costs.
  • Overall trainee satisfaction and engagement: Actually, studies have shown that using VR technology for training helps the learner remember things better because they are engaging with real life situations or scenarios. A fully immersive environment taps into the learner’s senses, engaging emotions and the cognitive function of the brain.
  • Higher retention of knowledge from experiential learning: VR can help people learn faster and put into practice what they’ve learned more quickly, which will save you money in the long run.
  • A low-risk, safe learning environment: VR offers a safer learning environment than on-the-job training. A 360 experience provides the learner with a safe space to practice and learn and is the ideal training method for dangerous or high-stake situations, saving you any damage costs in the process.

Getting started

Gone are the days that meant creating VR was exclusively the domain of specialists in the field and required a copious amount of coding knowledge.

With eNetReality, you have the ability to upload your own imagery, 360° images, 3D models, or import library footage to get the content you need. You can also create assessments that can include options such as hotspots, quizzes, time-based events and more! You are literally in control of every aspect of your training content, which means you take out the middleman and have the ability to update content quickly.

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