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Integrating Learning into Day to Day Workflow

Workflow and learning don’t always go hand in hand but the good news is there are a few things you can do right now to include digital learning in your day-to-day working life. Here's our list of the 4 things that will make it easier for you to integrate learning.

Posted 16 June 2020

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Figure out what your learners need

Talking to your learners about the information they need and would find helpful is key to successful workflow learning. When they look for help, is there a common theme? Are they looking for information externally or internally?  Having to spend this time and energy searching for help can be a waste. One way to combat this is to curate relevant information/learning in one place so that it’s easily accessible. This means the learner isn’t left to their own devices to find what they need. 

Look at what you have

If you already have eLearning in place, that’s great, but think about the last time that information was refreshed. Have policies or laws changed? Have roles evolved? If your resources aren’t up to date or the LMS is hard to navigate, your learners won’t be able to find value and will spend their time searching, instead of learning what they need to learn. Bespoke eLearning is a great way to tailor your learning needs. 

Make things short and snappy

People are busier than ever in their workplace, the last thing they want to do is interrupt their day with three hours of learning.  If you want to integrate online learning into your workflow, it needs to be short, focused, enjoyable, and supportive. No longer than 5 minutes, the term used is microlearning (Short-term focused strategies designed for skill-based understanding/learning). By doing this people can dip in and out when needed and find the answers they need quickly and easily.

Let people know what's on offer

Do you have learning in place but low engagement? People won’t automatically assume that there are resources if they aren’t told. It doesn’t need to be a huge internal campaign, it can be something small like using a relevant social channel to encourage engagement, maybe use a scenario and ask them to debate about possible outcomes. Let them know what helpful digital learning resources your organisation has and where to find them and you'll be on your way to integrating learning into your workflow.