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Mobile Learning with Canal College Google App

In partnership with Scottish Waterways Trust, eCom are delighted to announce the upcoming launch of the canal college app on Google Play. The app available to registered students, supports the delivery of the canal college project offered by Scottish Waterways Trust.

Posted 6 March 2018

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An engaging and productive learning experience

A flagship initiative targetting the young unemployed, students will use the app to work towards a SQA Level 2 Certificate in Cultural Heritage over 14 weeks. In addition to the accreditation received, the project provides participants with invaluable team building and social skills.

About a month ago eCom visited the Falkirk Site to see how our App was doing in the initial pilot phase of the Canal College Programme. We witnessed young people actively engaging in using this technology, as well as getting involved in outdoor activities. It was impressive to see how the tutors were able to keep this audience engaged and productive, whilst touching on all the learning outcome tasks required for the SQA Qualification.

The app is a great way of capturing specific and detailed evidence, without taking the students out of their creative outdoor learning space, offering students the opportunity to access learning on-the-go, as and when required.