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What is Capacity Building and Why is it Important?

We understand that, as a learning and development professional, supporting your organisation’s growth is something that will be second nature to you. So how can capacity building help support your efforts and why is capacity building important?

Posted 11 August 2022

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What is capacity building?

Since capacity building can help an organisation achieve its objectives more effectively, it is often used as a strategy for growth.

From a learning and development perspective, helping your people obtain and continually improve their skills, knowledge, use of the tools and other resources to perform at their best, or to a greater capacity, is something you’ll be very familiar with. And using eLearning to achieve all this will put you on the fast track, since you can easily provide the best, most accessible learning opportunities for your people, regardless of their location.

However, to get the positive impact you’re looking for, your eLearning must be available exactly when needed. And sometimes, if you don’t have the right resources, creating and delivering eLearning in a timely way, can be challenging.

Boosting internal capacity and skills

You may already have highly-skilled in-house instructional and graphic designers, but sometimes, during busy periods, when deadlines are tight, you might need to supplement your internal team’s capacity. Or it could be that, from time to time, you need certain skills which you don’t have in-house.

In either case, making use of external resources from a trusted partner, will enable you to deliver on-point learning materials in a timely way - helping your learners develop their skills, instincts, abilities and performance.

Adapting legacy content

You may want external support to help you adapt, reconfigure, or update legacy eLearning content to make it more modern and relevant. If this is you, choosing a partner who will help you consider what good would look like, before revising your existing content, or developing new content to fit the brief, is key.

Delivering content at scale

Or you might need support to scale your efforts or speed up the rollout of eLearning resources. In which case, you’ll need a partner with strong project management skills. And since you’ll be speaking with them on a regular basis, you’re looking for someone with clear, effective communication skills.

Supporting eLearning capacity building

If you need support to get one, or more, of your capacity building projects over the line, working with a partner who takes the time to really understand your organisation, the goals you’ve set have and what you’re trying to achieve is key. This will ensure you’ll get eLearning that is fully aligned with those objectives so that the end result will support their achievement. And it also helps if you enjoy working with them too.