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Managing Competency, Performance and Compliance Tracking Using Mobile Technologies

Setting the Scene

Aviagen broiler breeders supply day-old grandparent and parent stock chicks to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. They also offer specialty-breeding stock to meet specific market requirements. Aviagen is committed to quality and to achieve this, they continuously monitor and record employee competence. They have set corporate objectives that include continuously improving efficiency, reducing costs, and capitalising on technology.

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Aviagen Competency Tracking using a Tablet

The Challenge

Aviagen wanted to improve the way they record employee competence. They were looking to replace their complex and lengthy paper-based process and wanted to use competency tracking to demonstrate how they meet compliance standards for regulators, as well as measuring performance. They needed a new approach and were looking to improve the process using digital technology.

The Solution

eCom worked with Aviagen to introduce a digital approach to competency and compliance tracking to improve the efficiency and accuracy of reporting throughout the company. eCom developed a secure, robust mobile app enabling farm managers and employees to assume a greater role in managing their own competency tracking in the private sector whilst out working on their farm. The platform offers secure access to workbooks and forms online as well as the ability to work offline and sync the information to the server once an internet connection is available. eCom helped migrate Aviagen’s existing data, ensured the new web based mobile platform had all of the required functions and was compatible with Aviagen’s other IT systems. Two-thirds of the eLearning modules have been delivered in a planned three year process.

Aviagen Competency Tracking using a Tablet

The Benefits

Aviagen benefit from the real-time nature of the new digital approach to competency and compliance tracking developed by eCom. Farm managers and assessors can enter and edit their staff competency data at any time from any location, helping to alleviate the admin burden on Aviagen’s HR and training staff.

As well as recording standard competency, compliance against the Poultry Passport can be documented and accessed for quality control and reporting purposes at any time. This reduces the need for staff to analyse and compile data for each assessment, saving Aviagen both time and money. The new digital approach also helps improve workforce management. Managers can view records for their team and receive alerts where members of staff require extra support, which decreases the time to competency. Aviagen have also seen environmental improvements by way of a lower carbon footprint achieved through using less paper, along with a reduction in the biosecurity risk associated with paper transactions.

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