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Digital Badging Supporting Training Accreditation on a Global Scale

Setting the Scene

The International Well Control Forum (IWCF) is the only independent body focused on oil and gas well training and accreditation. As a governing body for the oil and gas industry IWCF manages the assessment and certification of a large number of candidates worldwide through their global network of training centres. Assessments are presented in 17 languages and include both knowledge and practical elements.

IWCF eCerts Mobile Device View

The Challenge

In 2017 IWCF issued over 25,000 paper certificates to candidates who successfully completed their assessment. This helped them demonstrate their skills and knowledge, for a particular role, to an employer. For organisations in the oil and gas industry, being able to verify the qualifications their employees hold is an essential part of demonstrating the organisation’s compliance. For IWCF, managing the certification process was a labour-intensive, time-consuming process. In looking to make this more efficient, IWCF asked eCom for help.

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