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Online Portal Increases Engagement in Leadership Development Programme

Setting the Scene

eCom were approached by a Global Specialty Chemicals Manufacturer who wanted to relaunch their leadership development programme.


Using eNetEnterprise, this organisation transformed leadership development for a Global Chemicals Manufacturer, engaging 250+ managers and facilitating 1,200+ 360 reviews worldwide with dynamic, interactive tools for impactful learning, resulting in streamlined processes.

Global Oil Chemicals Company Online Leadership Development Training on Laptop

The Challenge

Previously the programme was carried out via classroom learning with email communications for follow-up and tracking the completion of tasks. The process was cumbersome and difficult to track against learning objectives. The company approached eCom for advice and guidance on a technology solution which would allow for easier management and measurement of task completion.

The Solution

Following detailed consultations and scoping with stakeholders in the organisation, eCom advised our client on developing a blended approach to address the learning and review needs, for the energy sector leadership development programme.

Using the eNetEnterprise™ system, eCom developed a Community of Practice online portal to work in conjunction with the face-to face training, to enhance the user learning experience. Microsoft surface laptops were issued to some participants to allow easy access to the responsive site, making regular use achievable with minimum disruption and encouraging participation from the outset.

Key Features of the Site

  • Leadership Style Pulse Check: facilitates the collation of the 3 types of reviews required; self review, manager review and direct report reviews. Users are led through a series of questions covering 9 competency areas. Reviews can take between 10 and 12 months to complete and once completed online, evaluations can be easily exported as a pdf file.

  • Learning/Networking forum: interactive area where users discuss ideas with each other pre and post classroom training sessions and reflect on content post course. Colour coding is used so trainees can quickly identify new threads that require their input. A thread appears in red if a user has not interacted with a certain thread within their assigned group.

  • Blogs: collaborative learning area where trainers and users share information sources, knowledge and experience on topics relevant to the group.

  • Resources: area for trainers to post workshop or support materials covered in the classroom training.

During development and deployment eCom needed to be responsive and adaptive to the changing business requirements. Deployments were bundled according to the company’s needs – with each change request categorised and graded according to urgency and incorporated at the right stage for the business. There was careful timing of locking/unlocking account permissions for administrators to coincide with training sessions to ensure they all were up to speed with the system. eCom also developed detailed Help collateral and web based Help as part of the deployment.

Global Oil Chemicals Company Online Leadership Development Training on Laptop
Global Oil Chemicals Company Online Leadership Development Training on Laptop

The Benefits

Using the eNetEnterprise system to facilitate the leadership development programme has delivered many benefits to the company, compared with the previous system coordinated via email. These include:

  • Encouraging user engagement: through real-time chat and onscreen notifications.

  • Monitoring engagement: the changing text colour to represent inaction within a thread allows for a quick visual check on levels of interaction.

  • Offering support post training/knowledge sharing base: the facility to share training material/useful articles to support and develop other users, allows for an element of collaborative learning. This was previously paper-based, with users sifting through handouts to familiarise themselves with the content. Having this information online saves time and resources.

  • Reporting functionality: with a pdf export functionality, results can be easily extracted from the system. Users also have access to a spider graph providing a useful visual display of the 360 reviews.

Since the introduction of the site, 250 managers worldwide have gone through the leadership development process and around 1200 people have interacted with the system to complete the 360 review process. The system has been developed with the flexibility to grow as the learning needs of the business change. eCom looks forward to future projects with this client.

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