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Using adaptive assessment - 31 Oct 2024 - 12:30pm

As AI reshapes the assessment landscape, moving us away from traditional essays to structured, objective questioning, adaptive assessment emerges as a cutting-edge approach tailored to the candidate's ability. This webinar delves into the intricacies of Adaptive Assessment, exploring its operation, various models, and the considerations necessary for its implementation.

What We'll Cover:

  • An introduction to Adaptive Assessment, often referred to as Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT), and how it customizes the difficulty level of tests based on the candidate's responses.
  • A look at how iterative algorithms function within adaptive assessments to ensure the test accurately reflects the candidate's ability level, adjusting the question difficulty accordingly.
  • Exploration of different models of adaptive assessment, including CAT and Multi-Stage Testing (MST), and why MST is becoming increasingly preferred for its ease of deployment and reliable outcomes.
  • Essential considerations for employing adaptive assessment, such as the need for a comprehensive, levelled question bank, a capable system for tracking ability scores, and the setup for personalised reporting.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of CAT and MST, including the logistical and technical requirements for each and their respective impacts on test delivery and assessment reliability.

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