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Double Digit Rise in Employment at eCom Scotland in First Quarter of 2021

In a move that goes against the view of ancient folk wisdom, eCom Scotland, the digital learning and assessment specialist, is taking its own professional advice by using its eNetEnterprise system. In particular, eCom is beginning to use the OnBoard part of its eNetEnterprise workforce development system for managing learning, development and competency across all levels in an organisation.

Posted 6 May 2021

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This move has been prompted by eCom’s business being so brisk since the beginning of 2021 that, so far this year, the company has increased its headcount by over 10% – with further recruitment expected, to cope with its growing workload. Wendy Edie, eCom’s Managing Director, explained, “Despite the economic challenges posed by both the coronavirus pandemic and Brexit, we’ve found our customers growing, our turnover rising and that’s meant we’ve been increasing the number of our employees significantly.

“Among the key reasons for this is that the on-going support we supply for clients – via consultancy among other services - is proving a key differentiator when organisations are looking for eLearning content, learning platforms and the other services that eCom offers, such as eAssessment, our eNetReality virtual reality authoring tool and so on.

“Consequently, this increase in employment has been in two key areas,” she added. “We’ve enlarged our customer success team to enhance the level of support we provide to our clients and we’ve grown our development team to ensure that our innovative learning technology solutions continue to exceed client expectations.”

This unusually large and rapid growth in recruits means that eCom can take advantage of the technological economies of scale offered by the OnBoard system to onboard its new staff.

According to eCom’s Allan Maclean, “Among other things, OnBoard offers organisations support with digitising onboarding - or induction - programmes and tasks, as well as allowing employers to access up-to-the-minute reports on the status of recruits’ training. Moreover, OnBoard integrates with existing in-house systems.

“It identifies workers’ competence gaps – enabling their organisation to put appropriate training in place, as necessary. In addition, its reporting abilities can show when workers are complying with relevant sector competence regulations.”

Wendy Edie commented, “Recognising that the coronavirus pandemic has brought many challenges to the business landscape, we enhanced eNetEnterprise - and OnBoard in particular - because we realised that technology can help industries to rethink the way they do things.

“We fully expect to continue growing both our business and our headcount over the coming months,” continued Wendy.

“Maybe, in these pandemic and Brexit challenged days, eCom is bucking a trend in this respect but we’re used to going against expectations. For one thing, ancient wisdom says that professionals never take their own advice – but, by using the OnBoard system, demonstrably we are.

“Furthermore, eCom is unusual in being a company that’s wholly female-owned and run – although we’re definitely an equal opportunities employer, fully embracing diversity in the workplace among our workforce. It’s a policy that seems to be paying off handsomely.”