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eCom Counters Covid-19’s Adverse Effects with Ready-Made eLearning Materials

As Covid-19 continues to have a major effect on the UK’s economic activity – encouraging both remote working and remote learning - eCom Scotland is discovering a growing appetite among customers for ready-made eLearning materials.

Posted 15 February 2021

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As a result, eCom – Scotland’s leading digital learning and assessment specialists – has been partnering with global generic eLearning content specialists, OpenSesame. Under the firms’ collaboration agreement, OpenSesame’s curated catalogue of over 20,000 eLearning courses from hundreds of the world’s top publishers now enables eCom customers to create their own online learning solutions to meet their current corporate learning needs.

“As workforce training has shifted from classroom to online delivery in response to Covid-19 disruption, eCom has been supporting our UK and international clients with digital learning solutions that are both scalable and affordable,” commented eCom’s Marketing Manager, Allan Maclean. “This allows our customers to meet their need for compliance, safety and leadership development training. Our partnership with OpenSesame allows us to enhance our offer of ‘Working from Anywhere’ workforce learning delivery, assessment and accreditation platforms.

“Moreover,” Allan added, “the OpenSesame content works seamlessly with eNetLearn, eCom’s mobile-first Learning Management System (LMS). Enabled for desktop, tablet and mobile, eNetLearn gives learners flexibility in where and when they learn, as well as offering administrators real-time reporting on learner access and usage - providing key insights into an organisation’s learning and development performance.”

eCom, which counts major public sector organisations, global private enterprises and major charities among its clients, now provides ready-made eLearning materials covering business skills, safety, equality, equity and inclusion tailored to specific industries including manufacturing, healthcare, construction, finance, retail, hospitality, among others.

“As leaders in learning and assessment, eCom is delighted to be partnering with a world player in machine learning and expert curation,” commented Wendy Edie, eCom’s Managing Director. “Our collaboration is a powerful mix that aligns with current business needs for transferable skills recognition.”