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AI and Automation - Challenging Myths and Seizing Opportunities

eCom Scotland’s CEO Linda Steedman was delighted to join a line-up of top business figures at CBI Scotland’s Business Insight Conference on Innovation.

Posted 23 October 2018

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The future of work

The theme for the event was Innovation: AI and Automation- Challenging myths and seizing opportunities. Linda joined other panellists Roy Henderson, Director SP Technology, Lucy Murdoch, MD Accenture and Joyce Onuonga, MD John White & Son.

There was a discussion around how automation is changing the way we work and how this, along with technology like AI will impact the future of work. Thoughts then turned to the ways organisations can be supported and how they can then support their staff to take advantage of those opportunities.

Linda Steedman said: “It’s was a great privilege to be included alongside these eminent Scottish business figures in this panel discussion ‘What does the future of work look like in the face of automation’ for what was a robust, lively and participative discussion”