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Bridging Worlds: Aligning personalisation with compliance in workforce learning

The world of work is rapidly changing, so the stakes for workforce training have never been higher. Caught between the desire to provide for personalised learning experiences, and a maze of strict compliance requirements, how do we design training that meets these dual demands but also supports the organisation in achieving its goals?

Posted 16 April 2024

The personal touch in learning

Personalised learning shifts the focus from a one-size-fits-all strategy to one that caters to the individual learning patterns, needs, and engagement levels of each of your learners. And there are many benefits, from enhancing learner engagement to improving learning outcomes and identifying which of your learners might need additional support. Of course, personalisation extends beyond just the content - it's about creating a learning journey that resonates on a personal level, to making learning effective and enjoyable.

Staying within the lines of compliance

However, in many sectors, ranging from healthcare to manufacturing, and across many roles, from safety managers to quality assurance specialists, the need for compliance is ever-present. Training programs must not only equip learners with the skills and knowledge for their roles but also ensure they meet the regulatory standards specific to their industry. So how can training be both custom-fit for the learner and rigidly compliant?

Meeting challenges head-on

Many organisations are now looking for ways to integrate insights from learner analytics so they can be flexible, and adapt training in real-time, ensuring it's always relevant, engaging, and compliant. And learning technologies that support this approach are now taking centre stage in transforming how we educate and empower our workforce.

These digital tools are helping to create an environment where learners feel valued and understood, and where compliance is seamlessly integrated into the fabric of learning, as a foundation for safe, effective, and impactful education.

Real-world applications

For example, a healthcare provider looking to update its workforce on the latest patient care standards could use a learning management system with the capability to gather feedback directly from learners via integrated forms. This approach would allow for personalised learning paths that adapt to individual needs while ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations. Feedback from these forms would enable the identification of content areas needing clarification or enhancement, and this would enable immediate adjustments to be made. Such responsiveness would not only improve learning outcomes, but also ensure compliance, resulting in higher staff performance and improved patient care.

Now consider an example from the manufacturing sector. The organisation could leverage a workforce development platform featuring feedback forms and interactive dashboards to monitor and adapt training efforts. Using this platform to facilitate real-time feedback on compliance and engagement, the company could tailor its training materials effectively. Learner feedback would be particularly valuable in highlighting areas where understanding of safety protocols was lacking. By promptly addressing these areas, the company would be able to enhance compliance with safety and quality standards, as well as foster a culture of continuous improvement and risk reduction. As a result, they should see a significant decrease in safety incidents and a boost in overall productivity.

Using the right tools

Of course, we might be a bit biased, but our LMS, eNetLearn, and workforce development platform, eNetEnterprise, have advanced data collection tools, giving you both qualitative and quantitative feedback on what your learners find valuable - with eNetEnterprise also offering interactive visual dashboards that take your analytics to a whole new level. You can create easy-to-interpret data visualisations, from a variety of sources, to help you pinpoint precisely where adjustments are needed, as well as what needs to change. And having access to information like this will enable you to achieve your goals more quickly.

Find out more

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