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Bringing certainty back into the organisation

There are too many things to mention why businesses, organisations and workers are feeling less secure. Much of the insecurity is coming from uncertainty, and there's a growing need to bring certainty back into the world of work. But how can this be done?

Posted 25 August 2023

Changing employee expectations

Employees expectations have changed and they now want their managers to be specific about their work activities, learning programmes and career assessments opportunities.

Many organisations have focused on providing widening learning opportunities via their online systems, but many workers find this approach exhausting as they don’t have the time to research what they need to support their career path. Many say “Just let me know what I need to do.”


The desire for security and growth

Most workers want job security and ways to advance their roles to enhance their pay, enjoy better conditions, and ultimately build their careers.

How does your organisation make the most of this change in perspective?

Sensemaking: A new approach

“Sensemaking” is a term being used for a methodology that helps by providing clear routes, defining ultimate goals and indicating steps that can pivot where necessary to ensure the employee stays on the right path.

Clearly setting out organisational goals and combining this with long-term perspectives, along with short-term activities, allows workers to see where they fit and what their contribution brings to the organisation, whether they’re a delivery driver or a senior executive.

Training Programs and Holistic Approaches

Adapting training programmes to provide improvement opportunities to all staff across the enterprise, rather than the current situation where many are sporadically working through the course catalogue, brings a “sensemaking” approach to the fore.

Providing feedback and live coaching events, along with discussion groups and authentic assessment for career advancement, brings a more holistic approach. A flexible enterprise technology platform will help the organisation attract and retain talent and better server customers for many years.