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Innovation Comes as Standard at eCom

The history of Scottish innovation is vast and wide. From the creation of television to penicillin, the Singer sewing machine and the first colour photograph (and much more!). Maybe that’s why in our Scottish HQ we have a strong culture of innovation. 

Posted 18 November 2020

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Enhancing what we do through R&D

Having innovation as one of our company values brings a pro-activeness in research and development (R&D), meaning we are constantly seeking new ways to enhance what we do.

At eCom R&D is not ‘pie in the sky’, nor reserved for elite projects. It is stitched into the way we interact, the way we problem solve, and the way we deliver all your projects. From generating new learning methods, new assessment methods, new digital delivery methods, cyber secure hosting and analytical reporting. We are here to drive your digital strategy with our R&D expertise.

Our sister company, eCom USA, has just launched eNetReality, a virtual reality authoring tool that enables non-technical users to easily create their own VR content - no coding required. Watch the video below to see what it's all about. And if you would like a FREE Trial, please visit www.enetreality.com