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Making smarter learning decisions with data

Gathering and analysing data about your learning programmes will help you make more informed decisions and accelerate your success. But are you harnessing the full power of learner feedback to drive your training strategies?

Posted 27 March 2024

Decoding the data

Collecting quantitative metrics such as engagement rates, completion times, and assessment scores, is one way to measure the effectiveness of your training programs. And you can uncover patterns and trends this way.

Moving beyond the numbers

However, for best results, understanding what your learners think about what they’re learning is key. This involves actively seeking out and valuing what your learners have to say about their learning experiences, whether it's through open-ended survey questions, discussion forums, or direct feedback within your learning management system.

This qualitative data will enrich your understanding of the impact your training is having and reveal how well the material resonates with your learners on a personal level.

Unlocking insights with learner analytics

And it’s this crucial combination of quantitative and qualitative data together, known as learner analytics, that will help you grasp not only the 'how' and 'what' of learning but also delve into the 'why.' By understanding your learners' motivations, challenges, and preferences, you gain invaluable insights into how to make your training more effective.

Improving quality

For instance, consider a healthcare provider that implemented a feedback loop through their digital learning platform. Nurses shared that while they valued the technical training, they sought more communication skills development to better support patient care.

Responding to this, the organisation introduced modules focused on empathy and effective patient communication, leading to improved patient satisfaction scores. This example underscores the transformative impact of listening to and acting on learner feedback, which is applicable across various sectors.

Learning from feedback

For example, a manufacturing plant that faced a rise in customer complaints about product quality demonstrates how a strategic approach to feedback can lead to tangible improvements. They used their digital learning platform's feedback tools to gather insights, discovering that workers needed help with using new machinery and following the latest quality control steps.

This feedback, combining comments from workers with performance data, showed exactly what needed improvement. As a response, the company started a digital learning program with easy-to-follow modules on how to use the machinery and meet quality standards, even adding virtual reality training for safe, practical experience. After this training, customer complaints dropped significantly, and workers felt more confident and worked more efficiently.

Navigating data integration challenges

While the benefits of using data to improve workplace learning are clear, in practice it can be challenging. Issues such as data privacy, the complexity of analysis, and the need for sophisticated tools can seem daunting.

However, with the right approach and technologies, these obstacles can be navigated successfully. By prioritising ethical data use, selecting a user-friendly digital learning platform, and fostering a culture of data literacy within the organisation, organisations can unlock the full potential of data-driven approach to learning.

Enhancing learning with a digital platform

eCom’s suite of tools and platforms are designed to make the collection, analysis, and application of learner data straightforward and give you the critical insight you need.

For example, eNetLearn offers real-time insights, enabling you to make smarter decisions that improve your training results. And for eNetEnterprise users, our user-friendly dashboards present your data from various sources in an appealing format. With all your key metrics gathered together, you can quickly see valuable insights, letting you immediately enjoy the advantages of using data to guide your training.

The next steps

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