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Supporting Your Organisation With Digital Technology

In society, everyone needs to feel valued as a person and that the work they are doing has meaning and purpose. As we are all now heavily reliant on digital technology to connect, eCom has been helping our clients solve their business training challenges, often creating wider significance for society.

Posted 27 April 2020

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The right digital tools

Good communication with our partners has raised the need for people to know what digital technology and tools can be used and trusted to help train people so that Organisations are ready for the recovery phase of Covid-19.

Digital learning makes the difference

If you’re wondering how this could work for you, here are some ways that digital learning and technology could really make a difference.  

  • Quickly, consistently and easily train all of your people, wherever they are at a time of their choosing, which is really helpful if you have a remote and dispersed workforce. 
  • Cost-effective digital learning tools, no need to worry about expenses normally associated with traditional classroom-based learning. These don’t apply in the digital world so you could dramatically reduce the overall cost of learning and development.
  • Measure the impact. Using a Learning Management System (LMS) makes it easier for you to manage and track learning programmes as well as report on participation and engagement. This helps you demonstrate the value of your training and measure compliance.

Getting started

If you already have training material and urgently need to make this available to your team, we can rapidly respond and have you up and running on our LMS. If you are starting from scratch, then we have some great off-the-shelf content that can start you on your learning journey in a few hours.