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eLearning Supporting NHS Phototherapy

Setting the Scene

NHS National Services Scotland is a Non Departmental Public Body which provides advice and services to the rest of NHS Scotland. Accountable to the Scottish Government, NSS works at the heart of the health service, providing national strategic support services and expert advice to NHS Scotland. Together with Photonet, the National Managed Clinical Network for Phototherapy in Scotland, NSS required an experienced eLearning tool provider to re-design an interactive resource titled: Phototherapy and Photochemotherapy. The aim of this module is to support the development of the range of knowledge, skills and behaviours which will promote safe and effective work with patients in Phototherapy settings.

NHS Phototherapy eLearning on a Tablet Device

The Challenge

Photonet wanted to create a mobile-first learning resource that focused on improving patient care by empowering Scotland’s phototherapy workforce through education, training and lifelong learning. To achieve this, they needed a mobile learning course resource that would not only stimulate the interest of existing staff but also those new to working in this specialist area. It would require the learner to be able to easily navigate and move freely through the resource and have a variety of interactions to engage the learner as actively as possible. It was also important the content adhered to gender neutral language throughout the module. The learning resource also required the most accurate and up to date information available to ingrain confidence in learners which leads to better support.


The Solution

Having decided on a digital delivery model, NSS issued a competitive tender to help them select a provider. eCom was delighted to be chosen as the winning bidder and our instructional design team worked closely with the subject matter experts (SMEs) to make the content easy to navigate and suitable for use for the intended audience. eCom held regular meetings with the SMEs throughout the content development process, to ensure a good understanding of the needs at each stage of content development and to ensure turnaround was efficient, prompt and smooth. This made sure the content was high quality, consistent and personalised for existing staff and those new to working in this specialist area.

With the help of the SME’s, eCom’s ID team and graphic designers developed engaging interactive learning activities which encourages learners to reflect on personal attitudes, beliefs and work practices in how they interact during treatment of patients who require phototherapy treatment for management of skin disorders.

Throughout the mobile learning course module, learners who required a period of supervised practice alongside the module would use a PDF portfolio (Folder of evidence) which was created by Photonet. This portfolio contained activities that linked them to parts of the course and were referenced in the document. In order for the learner to know when to use their portfolio the eCom team ensured icons and prompts were easily identified throughout the course. Images were used throughout the module to heighten the visual impact and show learners appropriate examples, further adding to their confidence. It was important that the eCom team worked with the SME’s to make sure every image was appropriate and enhanced the learning experience. It was also vital for eCom to meet all of Photonet’s requirements and were pleased that the end result was an informative, high quality learning mobile first learning resource that will empower Scotland’s phototherapy workforce.

NHS Phototherapy eLearning on a Mobile Device
NHS Phototherapy eLearning on a Tablet Device

The Benefits

Taking a digital approach using the Turas Learning Management System ensures that training can be delivered in a cost-effective way, removing the need for travel or time away from the learner’s day-to-day responsibilities. This flexibility means that training can be easily fitted around existing work commitments and is delivered in a consistent way to large number of staff members. The content can also act as a refresher if and when required.

This module helps staff achieve Continuing Professional Development (CPD) enabling them to manage their own learning and growth. By completing the online module alongside satisfactorily completing the period of supervised practice, staff’s competence is acknowledged in safely delivering, prescribing phototherapy and photochemotherapy. The eLearning tool produced by eCom, helps Photonet deliver training to the intended audience in an engaging way, assisting learners to develop their knowledge and skills to deliver safe and appropriate care. Ultimately the learning resource helps Photonet support competence in this area of expertise.

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