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How bespoke eLearning supports the offshore wind energy sector

Setting the Scene

Pict Offshore develop, build, sell and support new access, lifting and height safety solutions for the offshore wind energy sector. Founded in April 2019, Pict’s flagship product, a heave-compensated, personnel hoist called the Get Up Safe (GUS) system, transforms the way maintenance technicians access offshore wind turbines. By providing ladder-free access from small moving vessels, the GUS system plays a significant role in improving safety and reducing costs across the whole industry.

Pict eLearning on a tablet computer.

The Challenge

To increase adoption of this innovative new product, Pict wanted to offer training that would help their customers realise the benefits as quickly as possible. As Pict operate in a global industry, they needed a cost-effective way to make training available in any location and time of day.

A key requirement for Pict was that users and operators of their system were familiar with its key functions and operating modes prior to attending a full day practical training session. It was important that this training be delivered consistently each time and cover important safety information, for both normal use of the product, as well use in emergency situations. Pict also wanted to include an end-of-training assessment to check that each user had assimilated the information and was ready to progress to practical training.

Pict believed that a digital solution offered the best platform for this training and approached eCom for help with bringing their vision to life.

The Solution

eCom worked closely with subject matter experts at Pict, shaping their written technical training materials, covering normal and emergency use, for digital delivery as well as advising on the use and placement of Pict’s video and static image content. We created engaging, bespoke eLearning that is easy to navigate and suitable for use on a wide range of devices. eCom also applied the latest in accessibility best practice to ensure a good user experience for all learners.

In addition, eCom developed assessment materials to confirm that participants had understood the training content and were ready to pass on to the practical training course. For integrity, the assessment uses questions which are chosen at random by the system.

To deliver the eLearning, Pict use eCom’s powerful, cloud-based, learning management system (LMS), eNetLearn. The intuitive interface provides quick and easy access to the learning content at any time, in any location, on the learner’s choice of device.

Pict eLearning on a laptop computer.
Pict Get Up Safe eLearning on a laptop computer.

The Benefits

Using the combination of bespoke eLearning delivered via eNetLearn, has enabled Pict to offer their customers around the world the training they need to quickly and easily learn how to use the GUS system at a time most suitable for them.

This training is not only cost-effective for Pict to deliver, it also helps their customers reduce time-to-competency so they can realise the benefits of the GUS system – increased safety for personnel with reduced costs - more quickly.

Our eLearning makes it straightforward for Pict to deliver training consistently and accurately, meaning their customers can confidently introduce this game-changing technology to their offshore wind operations.

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