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Managing Staff Competency in Every Area From a Single Source

Setting the Scene

Scottish Water is the public body responsible for water supplies and waste water across Scotland. It has thousands of staff in a wide range of disciplines working at many geographically diverse locations.

Scottish Water provide continuous on-site training and assessment for their staff to ensure the efficient operation of all sites, and to comply with statutory regulations.

Scottish Water Competency Management Platform on a Laptop

The Challenge

Scottish Water is required by law to demonstrate the competency of its workforce. The Water Industry Commission for Scotland can request reports at any time on compliance with current rules and legislation. Scottish Water identified the need for a solution which could track learning, allowing the easy and swift extraction of data into report format.

eCom began working with Scottish Water in 2008. In conjunction with their Business Analysis team it was identified that there was a need for a competency based system for tracking social, informal and formal training/learning.


The Solution

eCom used eNetEnterprise®, its competency solution, to meet Scottish Water’s requirement. It allows for detailed reporting on employee training and competency, applicable against specific job roles. In particular, eNetEnterprise® provides Scottish Water with:

  • a comprehensive reporting function providing 27 different report types
  • direct daily synching with their HR system
  • a platform for the uploading of evidence statements/documents to support the learning journey
  • assessor/manager review recording along with personal development plans and 360 degree feedback
  • an integrated self-service LMS, with personalised dashboards relating to job role, relevant learning opportunities and full search of catalogue.
  • administration system that allows management of users, groups, job roles mappings to competency framework, essential and desirable training requirements.
Scottish Water Competency Management Platform on a Desktop Computer
Scottish Water Competency Management Platform on a Laptop Computer

The Benefits

Collating of the data to present to the Commission is now much easier. With the information available in the system in real-time, Scottish Water can be confident that they can provide timely accurate data. The system is used during reviews to gauge the level and extent of learning and identify further training needs. Training managers can produce customised reports and track learning on a number of different levels.

All new employees now have a clearly defined learning and development path, allowing easy identification of the next training step. With training needs being broken down into essential, desirable and technical components both the employee and the manager can quickly and easily identify where the individual is on their learning path. As training requirements are uploaded against job titles, it is now easy for Scottish Water to identify what training an individual requires to work on a particular site and identify further training requirements. This ensures that they are continuously complying with legislation.

Having worked in partnership with Scottish Water for 9 years, eCom has gained an in-depth understanding of their business issues and the resulting requirements for their systems. We continue to develop and customise Scottish Water’s eNetEnterprise system in line with changing business needs. Assessment and learning delivery functionality was added to the system in 2011. With a growing number of system users, eCom are committed to ongoing development work with Scottish Water to identify system improvements.

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