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Interactive eLearning for Sports Coaches

Setting the Scene

Sportscotland is the national agency for sport in Scotland. They work with a range of partners to develop and support a world class sporting structure for everyone in Scotland. By strengthening key elements of the sporting system, including school sport, club sport and performance sport, sportscotland aim to increase participation and progression in sport. Sportscotland provide strategic and operational leadership to the key players involved in delivering sport in Scotland, including local authorities, governing bodies of sports, sports clubs, and further education institutions. Double Goal Coach Amongst their services they offer high-quality courses and training opportunities to sport participants and people working in sport.

sportscotland eLearning on a tablet

The Challenge

Since 2010, Sportscotland, has promoted Positive Coaching Scotland (PCS) with the aims of improving the performance of young people in school and club sport, making sport more enjoyable and teaching life lessons through sport. Part of the PCS philosophy is the Double Goal Coach method of both striving to win and learning life lessons. Sportscotland wanted to educate a larger number of people in Double Goal Coach. The target audience for the training was club leader and coaches involved in youth sport in Scotland. Training on Double Goal Coach was already taking place in a workshop format. Sportscotland in partnership with the Winning Scotland Foundation wanted to develop an online module as a cost-effective way of reaching a much wider audience. The eLearning needed to provide an interactive design and learning experience with the key messages brought to life in scenarios that the coaches could relate with.

The Solution

eCom’s instructional designers worked with the subject matter experts at Sportscotland to curate and repurpose the existing workshop content into a structure effective for interactive eLearning. A range of interactivities were incorporated to engage the learner and get the key messages across.

Existing video resources were incorporated into the design of the interactive eLearning module to bring the scenarios to life and quizzes and puzzles are used throughout to reinforce the learning objectives. At key points the learners are directed to additional resources such as the Coaching Toolkit. The module concludes with a short assessment to test the knowledge gained. Learners with a satisfactory score can then capture their details to receive a certificate to recognise their completion of the Double Goal Coach training. Learners who don’t achieve this score can go back and check their understanding and attempt the assessment again.

sportscotland eLearning on a laptop
sportscotland eLearning on a tablet

The Benefits

The Double Goal Coach interactive eLearning is aligned with sportscotland’s objectives of providing high quality training and raising the standard of coaching in Scotland. They have created a cost effective and accessible training resource for a Scotlandwide audience. Many people involved with youth sport do so on a voluntary basis and fit coaching around other work responsibilities. Offering training via online learning gives them more flexibility to learn at a time and location which suits them. The interactive eLearning has been one element in creating a cultural change in youth sport in Scotland and creating more positive sport experiences.

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