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Talent Management - Is Your Workforce Fit for the Future?

Organisations across all sectors are experiencing a wide-range of workforce demographic challenges. As well as trying to manage the varying expectations of workers from different demographics, they need to make the best use of existing talent and skills, whilst also preparing for the future.

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Today’s workforce has greater generational diversity than ever before, with now four generations in the work place at the same time. The following graphic summarises some of the current challenges with each demographic and how organisations can start to address these with talent management initiatives.

The quickening pace of change in technology, shorter product lifecycles and rising expectations of employee effectiveness and workplace productivity, mean that it is increasingly important to ensure all employees are productive in their roles.

Having an understanding of your organisation’s current talent situation is the starting point and a high priority for boards and senior management. With this knowledge, training and development can be targeted; ensuring staff are provided with the right support for each stage of their career.

The right competency and talent management solution can help you achieve an organisation-wide view of your current talent pool and level of competence. eCom develop customised skills management solutions designed around an organisation’s objectives, culture and working practices.

Infographic: Talent Management - Is Your Workforce Fit for the Future?

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