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eCom Scotland Engages in Learning Technology Solutions Partnership Deals

In a move that expands its global reach, the digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Scotland, has signed partnership deals with re-sellers in Canada, Iceland and South Africa.

Posted 24 August 2021

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“Of course, there’s a great deal more of the world than just these geographies - so, we’d welcome hearing from other organisations in other countries that would like to partner with us,” said Wendy Edie, eCom’s Managing Director. “The key criterion is that our partners share eCom’s values.

“We’re finding that, as we work collaboratively using the partnership’s combined resources, the synergy created by these collaborative relationships produces a major impact on customer success and business outcomes.”

The global education technology market is expected to reach some US$285.2bn by 2027, with technology revolutionising the process of learning.

“We’ve all seen workforce development needs evolve over the past few years,” Wendy added. “These needs now include the need to be connected, to be trained, to meet compliance and regulatory demands, to evidence effective training, to ensure business alignment of learning and return on investment, and to accredit people’s skills remotely.

“Increasingly, using leading edge technology including virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI), eCom’s systems address these needs - and clients tell us they trust us because we listen, understand their challenges and help them meet their business’ current and future goals.”

“Shared values and partnership synergy have a major impact on customer success and business outcomes,” agreed eCom’s Marketing Manager, Allan Maclean. “We’re looking for value-added reseller partners particularly among eLearning service companies, systems integrator companies and IT consulting firms; referral/ affiliate partners, and partners in the ERP, CRM and HRM sectors for technology alliances.”