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Enhanced Career Opportunities at eCom through RNIB’s Visibly Better Employer Quality Standard

We’re delighted to announce our recent achievement of the Royal National Institute of Blind People's (RNIB) Visibly Better Employer Quality Standard. Working in collaboration with RNIB, we have fine-tuned our online recruitment process to make it as inclusive as possible.


Posted 3 August 2023

Wendy Edie, eCom’s Managing Director, said, "Being awarded this standard is a great achievement for eCom and is reflective of our ongoing commitment to support those with sight loss, and ensure that career opportunities at eCom are open to all.”

Joining the ranks of companies like Tesco, who achieved the Visibly Better Employer Standard in 2022, we recognise the importance of creating an inclusive workplace. Our ambition reaches beyond merely upholding the Visibly Better Standard. We are committed to creating an environment where all employees and potential candidates feel valued and supported.

As part of our commitment, our managers have undertaken specialised eLearning programmes provided by RNIB. These programmes are designed to increase their awareness and understanding of how to best support people with sight loss during the recruitment process. This effort underscores our alignment with RNIB's mission to create a more inclusive environment.

Martin O’Kane, Strategic Lead for Employment and Technology at RNIB, praised eCom's efforts, stating, "eCom Learning Solutions demonstrates genuine dedication. They are not simply meeting the Visibly Better Standard but are proactively striving to foster a more inclusive culture. Their consistent effort to welcome all candidates is commendable."

By embracing this standard, eCom Learning Solutions has further solidified its commitment to diversity and inclusivity, creating a workplace that emphasizes fairness and compassion.

For more information on our work with RNIB, please view the RNIB accessible eLearning case study.

To explore job opportunities with eCom, please visit ecomlearningsolutions.com/careers.