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eCom Wins Major New Digital Assessment and Accreditation Contract with Taalunie

We are delighted to announce that eCom has secured a long term contract with Taalunie, the Dutch Language Union, to significantly improve their assessment and accreditation process with an innovative digital solution.

Posted 6 December 2018

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Taalunie supports the 24 million Dutch speakers across the Netherlands, Belgium (Flanders and Brussels), Suriname, Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten as well as helping strengthen the Dutch language and culture around the world.

Taalunie were looking for a state-of-the-art digital solution for assessment and accreditation and approached eCom for help to implement their vision.

eCom’s innovative digital solution will help streamline Taalunie’s assessment process and assist the delivery model using our off-line capability. This will reduce the amount of time Taalunie need to spend administrating tests, authoring relevant questions and scheduling assessments and by making these efficiency improvements, Taalunie will benefit from potentially significant cost savings.

Learners’ and Institutions will be able to book and manage their own exams online, making the process more accessible, responsive and user-friendly. eCom’s solution will allow assessors to manage the tests using our USB and HUB offline options so not having to rely on internet connections in countries where the service can be unreliable.  Taalunie will have access to enhanced reporting tools, making it easier to track learners’ progress, along with the capability to create customised certificates for rewarding success.

Commenting on the project, eCom CEO, Linda Steedman, said “Drawing on our many years’ experience with similar transformational projects, eCom are delighted to be creating a best-in-class solution that will deliver Taalunie’s vision of a fully digital, end-to-end, platform for assessment and accreditation. We’re really pleased our learning technologies will have a positive impact for Taalunie and their learners’ as well as for the Dutch language and culture.”

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