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Digital Learning Success: The Benefit of Knowing the Road Ahead

Getting your digital learning project off the ground can sometimes be tricky. There’s lots to think about and often organisations fail because there’s no strategic match between eLearning activities and business goals, or even because of poor implementation, but there is hope!

Posted 25 January 2022

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Planning matters

With effortful planning gone into developing an effective learning strategy that takes these factors into consideration (like using data), you'll see better results when it comes down how much time your company spends on training employees.

You might come across some bumps along the road while trying something different at work; however if we take those failures positively - meaning understand what went wrong rather than accepting defeat right away- then future successes will become inevitable. This is where investing in consultancy can really help.

What is a learning consultant?

Learning consultants are more than just diagnosticians. They must be able to assess the current situation and offer solutions on how it can be improved, which requires an examination of everything from a strategic level all way down into technical details about the organisation's technology as well economics or behaviour within non-managerial members' groups.

A good learning consultant will have vast knowledge and expertise in this field and will also understand what makes other people tick so you'll achieve digital learning success and get reliable results.

How can we help?

We're here to help you review your current capabilities and identify new opportunities. We'll support in defining the strategic learning goals that are connected with people, L&D strategies as well digital ones for short-term needs but also medium and long term ones too.

"Our consultancy day with eCom was insightful and interactive. Our team had the opportunity to reflect on our goals, discuss our strategy and crucially the session ended with our team having a realistic plan to engage our staff with learning technologies."

Jan Beattie-Deputy Director of Workforce Development

Our expertise in market research and operational modelling ensures that your business process is efficiently delivered. We conduct usability tests to ensure the quality of our developed content, offer project management for any projects you may need help with, ensuring best practice during every stage from development right through delivery.

We specialise in providing technical analysis, learning design and instructional materials. Creating innovative online courses to teach people the skills they need for their desired careers or interests with an emphasis on pedagogical balance.

We will help:

  • Business leaders to grow confidence in successfully implementing digital learning technologies to improve business performance
  • L&D leaders to audit team knowledge and build their skill-set and a learning technology culture with the team
  • L&D practitioners to provide CPD support to upskill on implementing learning technologies that achieve results

Your workforce to understand what they currently consider L&D and how that is performing, to assess attitudes to change and to gauge levels of digital confidence.

Need proof? Read our latest case study on how our advice helped our client achieve digital learning success, their team objectives, and have a positive impact on their workforce.

Get in touch

If you're looking to design small snap-shot learning interventions, develop organisation wide workforce or L&D strategies; our experienced team of specialists can help. Get in touch today or email connect@ecomscotland.com.