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6 Reasons to Rely on an eLearning Partner

It’s no great secret that regularly upskilling your team will help your organization become even more successful. And if, like many others, you’ve chosen to use eLearning for this, you may be wondering whether you should create the content in-house, or use an eLearning partner to do it for you.

To help you decide, let’s look at the ways an eLearning partner can help when it comes to creating bespoke eLearning content.

Posted 9 September 2022

Rapid delivery

Once you’ve identified the need for some new or updated eLearning content, the faster this can be created the better, since getting it into the hands of your learners as quickly as possible will help you realize the benefits of improved productivity sooner.

By using a good eLearning partner with a diverse skillset you’ll get great content which fits your needs exactly, in much less time than it would take you to create it yourself.

Cost-Effective content

You might be thinking that creating your eLearning content in-house could be more cost-effective and that since you’re already paying the staff you have, why not get them to do the work?

However, doing this will take you much longer, could cost you more, and you may not have all of the resources (people, skills, software, licenses etc.) you need to ensure that your training materials are effective. Instead, outsourcing your eLearning content creation leaves you free to focus on your other L&D priorities while a professional team creates custom courses tailored to your needs at a fraction of the cost.

Your eLearning partner can also design the content in such a way that it can be easily updated when required. So if you need to make any changes or updates in future, you’ll save even more money.

Technical experience and expertise

You’ll benefit from the technical expertise and experience your eLearning partner will already have. Having travelled this road many times before, they will instinctively know how to deliver an engaging and impactful experience for your learners and will have the team in place to make it happen.

A good eLearning partner will offer the services of a dedicated project manager to oversee the content development process, as well as direct access to the instructional designers, UI/UX experts and digital designers, who will be working on your project. And all of these people will have strong, relevant and current skillsets which they can draw on to make your eLearning content the best it can possibly be.

Access latest technology

There are often many different technological requirements when building a course, so asking your eLearning partner for help is worthwhile. Not only will they have access to the latest tech, they’ll know how to get the most out of it and can put these skills to good use when creating your content.

On-Trend Courses

With a good understanding of the core instructional design principles, coupled with their knowledge of the latest ID and digital design trends, an eLearning partner will be able to create content for you that is both visually appealing and highly effective.

Build Trust

Finding an eLearning partner who understands your business, your culture and the needs of your learners is key, since this will enable them to create courses that are a good fit. They will be able to quickly and easily run with the brief you give them and deliver eLearning content that makes a positive contribution to the overall effectiveness of your organisation.

How eCom helps

As one of the leading digital learning companies, we are here to help you develop a capable workforce and accomplish your goals. Our clients tell us they trust us because we listen, understand their challenges and help them meet the current and future demands of business.

If you’d like to explore how eCom can help you create impactful eLearning, please do get in touch.