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Customisable Workforce Development Platform for the Modern Enterprise - eNetEnterprise

Deliver your workforce learning and development vision on your terms - while gaining insight into learning, skills, competencies, engagement and performance.

eNetEnterprise is a flexible cloud-based platform designed to support the development, engagement, measurement, and assessment of your workforce. The solution is comprised of six foundational modules that function together or individually as needed - allowing customers to choose modules appropriate for their use cases and desired outcomes. eNetEnterprise modules include Comply, Skills, Social, Onboard, Perform and Analyse.

Comply Logo

Use Comply to monitor compliance across your organisation. Easily upload and sign-off evidence of performance. Create a competency framework for each job role.

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Use Skills to provide a complete picture of skills development across the organisation. Get access to training plans and records, career pathways, and learning groups.

Onboard Logo

Use Onboard to get new employees up to speed quickly and after the onboarding is complete, continue to offer relevant training and development opportunities.

Social Logo

Use Social to provide secure online forums for learning, coaching, mentoring and moderated discussion.

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Use Perform to support your people strategy. Gather feedback with 360 reviews, evaluations, surveys and assessments.

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Use Analyse as a powerful business intelligence tool. Quickly create your own unique reports from dynamic sets of data.

Each eNetEnterprise deployment is unique for the organization who uses it and the flexible design and architecture accommodates the unique needs of each customer. With eNetEnterprise, you don’t have to settle for standardised feature sets, feature bloat, delivery limitations, or implied workforce development methodologies reflected in fixed system designs. If you have unique needs or circumstances or are looking to drive organizational performance using a transformative digital solution, eNetEnterprise could be for you.

Key features and benefits of eNetEnterprise

Icon Workforce Transformation

Transform and modernize your workforce development strategy

Icon Aligned Workflows

Get aligned with your workflows, processes and desired outcomes

Icon Delivery Solution

Get the online or offline delivery solution that supports your unique requirements

Icon Ene Integration

Integrate eNetEnterprise with your existing back-end and front-end solutions

Icon Remote Support

Provide reliable development opportunities for remote and distributed audiences

Icon Solution You Need

Get the enterprise workforce development solution you need without compromise

What problems does eNetEnterprise address?

Icon Tick

Lack of flexibility, innovation and delivery options in legacy systems

Icon Tick

Complexity, usability and costs of existing solutions

Icon Tick

Lack of insight about learning, skills, competencies, engagement and performance

Icon Tick

Lack of infrastructure and resources to deploy solutions internally

Icon Tick

Keeping up to date with compliance and regulatory demands

Icon Tick

Poor integration between existing systems and technologies

Use cases for eNetEnterprise

Learning Portals And Academies

Learning and development portals and academies

Online, Offline And Mobile Learning, Assessments And Credentials (Badges)

Online, offline and mobile learning, aligned with infrastructue characteristics

Collaborative, Competency And Skill Based Solutions

Collaborative, competency- and skill-based solutions

Communities Of Practice And Work Based Solutions

Communities-of-practice and work-based solutions

Employee Induction And Development Portals

Employee induction, onboarding and development portals

Compliance And Risk Management Solutions

Compliance and risk-management solutions

Why choose eCom?

  • Flexibility to address simple to complex digital learning and assessment scenarios
  • Service delivery options designed for your specific needs
  • Long-term customer care and performance mindset
  • Breadth and depth of digital learning experience and expertise
  • Corporate and personal responsibility and social values
  • Trusted and reliable partner with strong company culture