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Branding your eLearning Experience

Branding your eLearning course will give learners a sense of familiarity that will help increase engagement. How do you do this? Here are 5 ways we can help.

Posted 1 November 2018

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1. Incorporating your brand colours

The colours in a brand can create an emotional connection and help build familiarity and this needs to be consistent across the platforms where your eLearning will be delivered, e.g. desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Our design team always ensure your brand colours are included in the most appropriate way.

2. Correct use of your logo

Whether the eLearning course is for internal or external use, correct use of your logo is important. We understand your logo is a vital asset to your business so we will typically ask for the original artwork to ensure it is displayed correctly, in accordance with your brand guidelines.

3. Using brand fonts

Not only is the font important for maintaining the visual integrity of your brand, it also plays a key role in portraying the tone of voice and your brand personality. There are often other reasons for using certain fonts, e.g., to meet accessibility requirements. We always request a copy of your font early on and ensure we use it properly throughout your eLearning.

4. Imagery and icons

Some concepts can be technical and difficult to portray using words alone. By using iconography and imagery in your eLearning, we can simplify complex ideas as well as helping bring your content to life more. Our design team always ensure suitable imagery is used that meets your brand requirements.

5. Your page templates

After immersing ourselves in your brand, we will create page templates to show you what typical pages could look like, including the various interactions which might be used in your course. These will all be styled to match your visual identity and we’ll work closely with you to make sure our designs suit your needs.