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Optimising your workforce training for better performance

Engagement is key to any successful training program, so it's important to monitor how your learners interact with your Learning Management System (LMS) to ensure the platform and its content remain relevant and user-friendly.

By analysing your key engagement metrics, such as completion rates, quiz scores, and forum participation, you’ll be able to identify which aspects of the training are working well and which areas might need a refresh to keep learners motivated and involved. But how do you know what your learners are really thinking? And how can you capture their interest?

Posted 15 April 2024

Gathering direct feedback

Whilst you’ll be able to glean a lot from the standard reports in your LMS, one of the keys of going from good to great, is simply asking your learners ‘what did you think?’

The insight you’ll gather by doing this will not only help you improve the quality of your existing training materials, but also ensure you’re preparing your people for current and future challenges, which will keep your organisation ahead of the curve.

From insight to improvement

Fortunately, there are good digital tools available that make collecting feedback and analysing data much easier, empowering you to make well-informed decisions.

For example, consider an engineering firm who are looking to implement new safety protocols. With the right digital tools, they could easily create a dashboard to show compliance rates across different departments, with color-coded performance indicators making it instantly clear where gaps exist. Additionally, through integrated forms, they could collect specific feedback from learners about the training content. Employees might report that certain safety protocol instructions are unclear, as well as highlighting which practical demonstrations they would find most helpful.

From this feedback, the organisation might consider introducing more detailed visual aids and interactive elements during the training content that cover the most complex protocols. The clarity provided by both the detailed feedback from forms, and data visualisation, would be key in swiftly addressing and rectifying compliance issues, which would significantly enhance overall workplace safety.

Using the right tools

Of course, we might be a bit biased, but our LMS, eNetLearn, and workforce development platform, eNetEnterprise, have advanced data collection tools that help you get the information you need, with eNetEnterprise, also offering interactive visual dashboards that take your analytics to a whole new level. You can create easy-to-interpret data visualisations, from a variety of sources, to help you pinpoint precisely where adjustments are needed, as well as what needs to change. And having access to information like this will enable you to achieve your goals more quickly.

Find out more

If you are intrigued and would like a demonstration of how this transformative approach could positively impact your organisation, please do contact us.