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Roundtable Discussion: Technology is Key to Productivity Improvements

eCom were delighted to welcome back William Dowson, the Bank of England’s Agent for Scotland, as host of a roundtable discussion on ‘Building a Workforce for the Future’. There was a stimulating and lively discussion among Scottish business leaders.

Posted 13 November 2017

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Discussion points

Some of the discussion points included:

  • Current business mood and how Brexit and other geopolitics factors are impacting local, national and international businesses
  • The importance of technology as a catalyst for doing things differently and improving productivity
  • How to create value for employees with apprenticeships, internal training programmes and establishing career pathways
  • How learning technologies should be seen as a positive disruptor in the drive for developing the skills for the future

William Dowson, Bank of England’s Agent for Scotland, said, "It was a pleasure to be at the eCom round table and to listen to organisations from a wide-range of sectors across Scotland explain how they are responding to the challenges they face and hear that they are continuing to develop their staff to make the most of future opportunities.

Wendy Edie, eCom Managing Director, said, "While there is uncertainty on the economy and Brexit, there is real positivity on the role of learning technologies in dealing with current challenges, whether improving productivity, or helping to attract, develop and retain the right staff.