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Sensing an Opportunity

We were delighted to develop a bespoke eLearning course for Aroma Academy that has made it possible for a global audience to learn a practical skill in a cost-effective way. Aroma Academy’s Foundation Sensory Programme teaches sensory skills and aroma recognition for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Posted 22 August 2018

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Aroma Academy were delivering training in classroom-style sessions but were keen to offer the course to a wider audience which would mean classroom training would no longer be a viable option, due to the costs involved in doing this at scale.

For Aroma Academy to achieve their aim, they needed to find an alternative way of delivering the material.

Anywhere, anytime, learning

eCom were delighted to create a bespoke eLearning course, enabling learning to take place in any location and at the time which best suits each learner.

We helped maintain the practical element of the course by ensuring users were prompted to engage with Aroma Academy’s standards training kit, which accompanies the eLearning course, at the appropriate times. And at the end of the course, those who meet the required standard and pass the optional assessment, will gain a certificate to demonstrate their competence.

Online delivery

Due to seamless integration between eNetLearn, our powerful cloud-based LMS and Aroma Academy’s eCommerce platform, the course is now available to purchase online.