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Bespoke eLearning Supporting Digital Transformation in the Third Sector

Setting the Scene

Children’s Hearings Scotland (CHS) is a national non-departmental public body. Formed in 2013, they are responsible for recruiting, training and supporting skilled volunteers across Scotland. Panel Members are people from the local community and their valued role is to make the best possible decisions with and for infants, children and young people attending children’s hearings across Scotland.


Using eNetLearn and our bespoke eLearning, Children’s Hearings Scotland successfully engaged 4,720 volunteers and volunteer managers, helping them develop key skills and digital confidence. Impressively, the content receiving a 94% approval rating.

Children's Hearings Scotland Bespoke eLearning on a Laptop

The Challenge

Currently, CHS is in a period of digital transformation focused on improving the process for the 35,000 children’s hearings that take place across Scotland each year, in partnership with the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration (SCRA). CHS wanted to create a series of bespoke digital learning modules and asked eCom Scotland to produce these. The CHS Learning Academy is a partnership with West Lothian College (WLC) and provides training support for CHS volunteers.

All the online learning is hosted on the Learning Academy where Children’s Hearings Scotland staff and volunteers access the digital learning and resources. Following the success of this initial eLearning, eCom was commissioned to create online learning to expand the Learning Academy. eCom was subsequently asked to undertake further eLearning development based around a new CHS system that would enable CHS to realise their digital transformation vision of extending the support available to volunteers.

Children’s Hearings Scotland were looking to develop a range of learning content, covering many subject areas, including role specific training for panel members, rota managers and a range of other roles. Due to the geographic spread of volunteers and also because they would have to fit learning around their paid employment and other commitments, CHS were keen to deliver this additional training digitally, to the volunteers own device. This was a good fit with their digital strategy, which acknowledged that creating an online academy to support their volunteers would be more effective.

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