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Scottish Government eLearning: Supporting Children with Bladder and Bowel Issues

Setting the Scene

The Scottish Government is the devolved government for Scotland and has a range of responsibilities that include: the economy, education, health, justice, rural affairs, housing, environment, equal opportunities, consumer advocacy and advice, transport and taxation. The Scottish Government wanted to bring awareness to the issue of bladder and bowel health problems in children in Scotland and to help them do this they were looking for a public sector eLearning training resource to be created.

Scottish Government eLearning on a Laptop

The Challenge

It was important to The Scottish Government to have a resource out there that came from a trusted source with proper clinical backing. The resource information also needed to be easily understood, easy to access and empower parents to have informed conversations with their GP. The content had to be informative, without being too overwhelming for the learner, and it was imperative that the most up to date information around bladder and bowel health in children was used.

The Solution

Having decided on a digital delivery model, The Scottish Government issued a competitive tender to help them select a provider. eCom was delighted to be chosen as the winning bidder and our instructional design team worked closely with the subject matter experts to make the content engaging, easy to navigate and suitable for use across a diverse range of learners including parents and health professionals. Our robust eLearning development process helped establish collaborative working relationships with The Scottish Government and the subject matter experts. This enabled eCom to produce the public sector eLearning using an agile approach and an iterative development process. eCom was required to convert written technical information, instructions, graphics, learning tests and video content into an online format compatible with the existing TURAS Learn system, owned by NHS Education for Scotland (NES), and where the eLearning is hosted.

eCom’s ID team and graphic designers worked together to create an engaging and impactful learning resource that would bring The Scottish Government’s vision to life which required eCom to use appropriate language suited to the various audiences in the public sector who would be using the eLearning resource. Opportunities for detailed graphics, hand drawn illustrations and a range of interactive features specifically aimed at three audience groups as well as additional supporting downloadable content were included throughout the digital delivery model. eCom met all of The Scottish Governments requirements, with the result being a high quality, useful and informative eLearning resource that supports a wide-ranging and diverse audience demographic from health professionals to parents.

Scottish Government eLearning on a Tablet
Scottish Government eLearning on a Laptop

The Benefits

The eLearning for the public sector produced by eCom supports The Scottish Government’s vision of easily reaching and delivering training to a diverse audience. The resource had to be engaging so to help support the learners develop the knowledge required in order to feel confident when speaking to their health provider. It also helps practitioners gain awareness on how to provide the appropriate pathway for children with bladder and bowel issues. The learner is able to work through the content at a time that is most suitable for them, and the eLearning is set up in a way that means the learner can visit specific sections for the relevant information they are looking for. This flexibility ensures that training can be easily fitted around existing work commitments for practitioners and busy parents. Using a digital delivery model ensures that training can be delivered in a cost-effective, easily accessible way and removing the need for travel or time away from the learner’s day-to-day responsibilities. The content can also act as a useful reference resource when the learner needs specific information. Ultimately, the learning resource helps The Scottish Government support the skills required to provide a pathway of care for children and young people with bowel and bladder problems in Scotland.

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