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Secure and Accessible Observational Assessment Tool for Apprentice Electricians

Setting the Scene

The Scottish Joint Industry Board (SJIB) is an awarding body responsible for developing and delivering high quality training schemes and managing the end point assessment for Apprentice Electricians. This apprenticeship aims to meet the needs of the industry whilst regulating entry and professionalism of the industry. These culminate in the Final Integrated Competence Assessment (FICA), a 2-day observational assessment undertaken by all apprentices. This booth-based assessment is the final step in an apprentice’s journey to being a fully qualified electrician. Skills testing via this comprehensive examination ensures that electricians possess the necessary skills to safeguard our homes and workplace.

SJIB Observational Assessment

The Challenge

The Board were keen to take advantage of key benefits found by implementing an online observational assessment tool such as the reduction in administration-related time and costs, better reporting functionality and having visibility of a clear audit trail. With the final assessment taking place within a simulated environment over a 2-day time frame, it was imperative that any online learning solution be secure and easily accessible to the assessors in exam centres.

The Solution

eCom began working with SJIB in 2014. Following in-depth discussions on their needs, it was agreed that our cloud based eNetAssess system would enable them to achieve their objectives. eNetAssess allows the creation and management of marking statements which are stored in categories within the system. Each of the examination sections is made up of a combination of questions from each category. Accessing the specific examination for each candidate, the assessor observes the apprentice perform a number of tasks within a controlled environment. Results are recorded in real-time by the accessor via a hand-held tablet device, synching instantly with the system. SJIB also use eNetAssess to manage a range of paper-based exams that support industry card initiatives.

SJIB Observational Assessment
SJIB Observational Assessment

The Benefits

Introducing eAssessment in this public sector organization, has provided SJIB with a number of clear advantages. With results being recorded and available immediately candidates no longer have that anxious wait to discover if they have passed. For assessors there is the clear time benefit of being able to provide a marked assessment moments after the examination has taken place. Complete monitoring, tracking, and reporting of individual responses is now possible with the ability to analyse question performance. This information is crucial to the awarding body audit processes. Any amendments required to examination questions are easier and quicker to implement using eNetAssess than through any previous paper-based system, with positive environmental implications proving another advantage of using an online observational assessment tool. eCom are delighted to be able to provide SJIB with a system that allows for modular development, evolving with them and are looking forward to collaborating on future projects.

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