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Accessible training for remote subcontractors

Setting the Scene

ThermaFY specialise in thermal analysis solutions and have developed software to capture heating efficiency in the radiators, both in private homes as well as public buildings. Employing a team of surveyors across the UK, ThermaFY help customers take meaningful and targeted action to reduce their energy costs and carbon emissions. The effective training of these surveyors is vital to ensuring that ThermaFY continues to deliver a high-quality service.

Surveyors shaking hands before conducting an energy efficiency survey

The Challenge

However, given the geographical spread of the surveyors, providing consistent and timely training has been a challenge. There were also issues with providing evidence of training completion and assessing the surveyors’ understanding of the course material. In addition, the company did not have an efficient system to refresh the training for the surveyors who failed the course.

The Solution & Benefits

To address these challenges, ThermaFY approached eCom Learning Solutions for help. They now use eNetLearn, eCom’s mobile-first, easy-to-use learning management system (LMS). eNetLearn provides ThermaFY with a remote training solution that is easy to use and accessible to all their surveyors. The platform allows the surveyors to complete the training course at their own pace, regardless of their location.

This gives the company a reliable way to track and monitor their training progress, as well as giving confidence to end users that the surveyor who will visit their home or office has received appropriate training.

Finally, the team at ThermaFY find eNetLearn easy to use, and, after completing the introductory training, became self-sufficient in their use of the platform almost immediately.

Surveyor inputting information about an energy efficiency survey into an iPad

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