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Creating exam algorithms - 5 Sep 2024 - 12:30pm

With the advent of AI and a shift towards more objective, structured questioning, the role of algorithms in the creation and delivery of assessments has become increasingly pivotal. This webinar will provide a comprehensive exploration of exam algorithms, including their purpose, types, and practical applications, to ensure the delivery of reliable and fair assessments.

What We'll Cover:

  • The rationale behind using algorithms in exam settings, highlighting their importance in delivering tailored question sets to candidates.
  • An overview of the two main types of algorithms used in assessments: Fixed algorithms for high-stakes exams and Interactive algorithms for adaptive assessments.
  • Detailed examples of how Fixed and Interactive algorithms are constructed, including criteria for question selection, randomisation techniques, and settings for cut-scores and grades.
  • Best practices for setting up Interactive Algorithms, with a focus on maintaining a balance between the length of the test and the accuracy of assessing a candidate's mastery level.
  • Insight into the complexities of algorithm development, including the recommendation for pulling questions from categories for enhanced reporting and feedback.

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