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Creating feedback and development planning events - 19 Sep 2024 - 12:30pm

In the evolving workplace landscape, where traditional work patterns are shifting and the emphasis on personal development is growing, the need for effective feedback mechanisms during development planning events has become crucial. This webinar focuses on leveraging Personal Development Plans (PDP) and competency frameworks to provide meaningful feedback, supporting employee growth and performance improvement.

What We'll Cover:

  • The significance of Personal Development Plans (PDP) in aligning individual career aspirations with organisational goals, and how they serve as a tool for continuous review and feedback.
  • Integrating PDPs with competency frameworks to measure and manage performance effectively, highlighting the importance of programmatic learning in addressing the challenges of change management.
  • The critical role of feedback in the development process, exploring how constructive feedback can foster trust, encourage growth, and identify areas for career development.
  • Practical solutions for incorporating feedback into the development planning process, including objective setting, training, job shadowing, coaching, mentoring, and knowledge development.
  • An overview of various feedback models such as COIN, BOOST, FEED, GROW, CEDAR, and 360 reviews, and how these can be applied to enhance the feedback process and drive performance.

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