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Marking schemes and grading online exams - 3 Oct 2024 - 12:30pm

As the assessment industry evolves with the advent of AI and a shift from traditional essays to structured, objective questioning, the significance of accurate marking schemes and grading becomes increasingly crucial. This webinar will explore the intricacies of marking and grading online exams, focusing on methodologies to enhance reliability and validity.

What We'll Cover:

  • An overview of different marking types, including auto-marking, human-marking, assessing, and grading, and how each plays a role in the assessment process.
  • The purpose and importance of a marking scheme in ensuring exams are both reliable and valid, and how they can guide markers to achieve consistent grading.
  • Strategies to reduce marking errors, such as peer review and the randomisation of questions among markers, to mitigate bias and improve grading consistency.
  • Best practices for levelling and structuring exams to ensure consistent grading, including the implementation of cut score windows for peer review and the verification process.
  • How AI technology can support the marking and grading process, from auto-marking to providing analytical insights for reviewing marking biases and enhancing the overall fairness of the assessment.

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