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Praise for Learning Management System, eNetLearn, from Learning Analysts Learning Light

Learning Light, the UK-based eLearning and learning technologies specialist, providing advice and consultancy to organisations looking to improve their business performance, has published an in-depth review of eNetLearn, the learning management system developed by digital learning and assessment specialists, eCom Scotland.

Posted 13 May 2021

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According to Learning Light, “For a SaaS LMS, eNetLearn offers great value for money and comes with a fully-loaded feature set including sophisticated multi-tenancy and a library of integrations including Zoom and Salesforce out-of-the-box, which is truly impressive. There is also the option to customize eNetLearn as well. All this is wrapped up with a culture of customer care and support from eCom that is second to none.”

Praising the LMS’s user interface (UI) for both learners and administrators, Learning Light points out that, while being able to cope with large numbers of users, eNetLearn can be licensed for as few as five learners, making it even appropriate for those wanting to dip their toes into the LMS world.

“There is a plethora of LMSs,” commented Linda Steedman, eCom’s CEO, “so, among the key questions to ask are what are my organisation’s LMS requirements; what do we need from an LMS and how do our learning objectives align with our organisation’s goals? You also need to know the LMS’s capabilities, the UI it delivers, as well as the reliability and after-sales service of your shortlisted vendors.”

David Patterson, Learning Light’s Director, commented, “eNetLearn was developed with ease of use and accessibility in mind, in partnership with the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Mencap, to ensure that it meets the highest accessibility and usability standards and, as an LMS, it flows smoothly from screen to screen in an unassuming manner. Behind this façade, the attention to detail is exemplary.

“Screen layout is precise, navigation is clear and clutter is banished. Overall, the UI and user experience (UX) are nicely understated with the principles of accessibility presented to perfect effect.

“A tiled window allows the building of learning pathways and the allocation of learning, including events and wider blended learning, through this one interface,” he added. “With eNetLearn, all this is deceptively easy and a terrific time saver when administering learning.

“Furthermore, I was also impressed that eCom is happy to customize the LMS – for example, including enhanced registration processes, along with learner tracking. This isn’t usually an option in the SaaS world and it’s becoming rarer with the advent of public Cloud.”

“We’re delighted to see that Learning Light’s review also highlights that we undertake all bespoke configuration work in close collaboration with the client,” commented eCom’s Linda Steedman.

“We follow a robust three-stage testing and deployment approach and provide full documentation for the deployed solution as well as on-going support. It’s important to us that every customer is contacted once a month to ensure that they remain happy with their product and the on-going support services they receive from eCom.”

Commenting on eNetLearn, Christopher Logue, Business Services Manager at BiP Solutions, said, “We chose eNetLearn because it supports the BiP business model perfectly and helps us offer the best learning experience to our customers. We’re delighted with the stellar support we’ve received from eCom, to configure eNetLearn to work hand-in-hand with our business processes and to help us get up and running quickly."

And Jayne Little, the CEO of Skills 4 Ltd, commented, “Diversity and Inclusion continues to be high on the corporate agenda despite the pandemic. eNetLearn allows us to continue deliver our award-winning training remotely and the feedback from delegates has been excellent.

“Partnering with eCom has been a great experience. They immediately understood the needs of our business and the team is a pleasure to work with.”