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Praise for rapid eLearning platform construction from eCom Learning Solutions

Such diverse organizations as those from the manufacturing and legal sectors, along with charities and even an industry regulator, have all been impressed at the high level of customer service from Scotland’s leading digital learning and assessment specialist, eCom Learning Solutions.

Posted 16 May 2022

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Emma Dickson, a learning technology consultant at eCom, explained, “In recent months, each of these organisations has asked us to put together portfolios of curated eLearning content and make this content available via the eNetLearn learning management system (LMS).

“Typically, from project sign-up to delivery of the content and platform took just three weeks. Each client has been extremely impressed with this rapid construction of the platform and eCom’s competence in completing of the project – as well as being impressed by the eLearning content and the ease of access to this material that learners have.”


In terms of the eLearning content required to satisfy ongoing training requirements, common – and popular - themes involve ‘soft’ skills such as communication, team working and diversity, along with compliance-based topics such as GDPR, manual handling, and so on, revealed Emma. She added, “Currently, clients in the manufacturing sector seem keen on making available eLearning content covering effective and different communication styles internally and externally, together with basic project management and IT skills – especially relating to proficiency in Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Word.”

The number of eLearning programs commissioned under these recent projects, to be contained within the eNetLearn LMS, vary from some 25 to over 100, said Emma. Most of these are simple to source because of eCom’s relationship with OpenSesame, the curated online learning programs specialist – which has over 25,000 eLearning programs in its portfolio - augmenting and enhancing the client’s learning and development offerings to its workforce.

“There’s further added value to this whole process through eCom providing integrations to reduce administration tasks, such as Single Sign-On and application programming interface (API) integrations with the client’s human resources (HR) software or customer relationship management system (CRMS),” added Emma.


For further details of eCom’s rapid content curation and platform creation, visit this link.