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Digital Academies from eCom Learning Solutions are tailored, fully branded organisational talent growth portals for your local, distributed, or hybrid audience or workforce.  They are unique to your brand and include an optimal blend of integrated components that are aligned with your unique organisational needs and strategic goals. 

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Why use a Digital Academy?

Why use a Digital Academy?

A tailored digital academy from eCom Learning Solutions can lead to many things like organisational change, improved innovation, competitive advantage, operational efficiencies, improved organisational learning culture, and more.

Talent and learning investments are viewed as a key competitive differentiator and as a vehicle for engagement and retention. Continuous talent development is fundamental to keeping people resilient, engaged, and prepared for the future

Organisations use digital academies from eCom Learning Solutions to improve communications and knowledge sharing; to improve knowledge flow across their user populations; to align knowledge, skills, and competencies with business strategies; to assess, advance and reward employee knowledge and skills; to improve operational efficiency and performance; and most importantly, to create more value from their greatest asset – their people.

Who are Digital Academies For?

  • Membership groups and associations
  • Trade bodies and professional associations
  • Charitable, non-profit, and third-sector organisations
  • Government, public, and non-departmental public entities
  • Growing and established businesses and extended enterprises
  • Cultural and internationally-focused organisations
Who are Digital Academies For?
Use Your Fully-Branded Academy to:

Use Cases for Your Fully-Branded Academy

We all know that technology is changing the way many industries operate and that the pandemic has accelerated digital transformations in dramatic and unforeseen ways. The changes and drivers of change will certainly continue for many years. Today’s challenges may seem daunting, but they can also be an opportunity for your organisation to provide additional, meaningful and valuable services to your audience. For example, use your academy to:

  • Provide timely, consistent talent growth opportunities for your workforce and affiliates at scale
  • Onboard and upskill your audience with the latest business-critical, technical, and soft skills
  • Get your talent initiatives aligned with your organisational goals
  • Improve your organisational learning culture and operational maturity
  • Evolve and leverage your understanding of organisational skills and competencies

Tailored for Your Unique Needs

Every eCom Digital Academy is tailored for your brand, your organisational goals, and your digital and operational maturity. With unparalleled agility and operational flexibility, we can help design a sustainable, flexible, and scalable solution for your members and affiliates based on your unique needs and strategic goals. Solutions can be as simple as first-time learning management deployments for new or growing organisations – to more sophisticated corporate and enterprise solutions where established or expanding learning cultures already exist. Your fully branded Digital Academy could include these components:

Learning Delivery and Management

eNetLearn is our cloud-based Learning Management System enabling you to deliver, track and evaluate your eLearning.

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Skills, Competencies and Performance Management

eNetEnterprise helps you manage learning, development and competencies across your organisation.

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Digital Badges and Micro-Credentials Management

Use eNetBadges to issue verifiable badges to acknowledge a person's credentials, abilities, experiences and competencies.

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Exams and Assessments Delivery and Management

eNetAssess is our flexible online tool for creating and managing bespoke assessments and exams.

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