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Beyond algorithms: The critical role of humans in AI-powered assessment

With Artificial Intelligence (AI) becoming more pervasive generally, its use in education and professional certification is creating a compelling dialogue around its capabilities and limitations. While AI offers efficiencies and scalability, the importance of human involvement in high-stakes assessments remains crucial.

This blog looks at why a blend of AI and human oversight provides the most reliable, fair, and secure evaluation system.

Posted 25 August 2023

Why AI needs a human touch

Although AI technology offers the promise of efficiency and unbiased evaluation, its lack of empathy and inability to recognise nuanced human thought may lead to unfair outcomes. And a strict reliance on algorithms misses the understanding and ethical judgement that human evaluators bring to the table. This is where a complementary approach shines: AI can conduct a preliminary review, flagging specific areas that require human scrutiny; this not only speeds up the evaluation process but also allows human reviewers to focus on what truly matters—ensuring fairness and authenticity.

In practice, AI algorithms can identify inconsistencies in answer patterns, abrupt changes in performance, or suspicious time management—these are all earmarks that warrant a closer look. Human evaluators can then focus on these flagged areas to provide a nuanced understanding that goes beyond the algorithms, thereby ensuring a balanced and just evaluation process.


Evaluating the context

AI capabilities, when complemented by subsequent human review, mitigate the risks of cheating more effectively than either could do alone. While AI algorithms can sift through vast amounts of data to detect potential cheating patterns more quickly than a human proctor, a real person can evaluate context, understanding subtle behavioral cues and adapting to evolving cheating strategies.


A dual strategy against cheating

Although AI systems are capable of flagging suspicious activities, such as rapid switches between tabs or mouse movements, only a human can interpret these flags in a broader context. Therefore, combining AI monitoring with human oversight offers a more robust approach to maintaining examination integrity.


A digital blend of AI and human expertise

eNetAssess is exemplary in recognising the crucial synergy between technology and human judgement. By integrating AI for initial screening and human proctors for nuanced evaluation, it offers a unique and robust assessment solution that:

  • Upholds the Integrity of Assessments: AI flags potential issues while human proctors validate them, enhancing overall security.
  • Minimizes the Risk of Cheating: An integrated approach allows for rapid detection and management of potential cheating strategies.
  • Ensures Fair and Unbiased Evaluations: Human proctors are ultimately responsible for final evaluations, ensuring that the blend of AI and human oversight achieves the highest standard of fairness

As we move forward into an increasingly digital future, the human-AI partnership in high-stakes assessments is becoming a necessity. Mixing AI's speed with the understanding that only humans can bring makes the assessment process better for everyone, and is a game-changer for ensuring exams and assessments are as fair and accurate as possible.