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Digital Transformation: Towards a Brighter Future

For companies of all sizes, the current Pandemic has accelerated the need to consider how they will digitally transform their business to cope with tomorrow’s demand. Digital disruption can happen when a new or existing business makes a significant change and becomes the market leader.

Posted 8 October 2020

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What Prompts Digital Disruption?

Digital disruption can occur for a number of reasons:

  • The need to be competitive, including adopting technology such as cobotics and drones;
  • The drive for increased productivity and production capacity using autonomous production processes; and
  • The fulfilment of digital skills gaps, using learning technologies to quickly and consistently upskill their team.

Digital Disruption for Competitive Advantage

Amazon was originally a disruptor for the book and music stores and continues to disrupt the retail market by attacking traditional retail business models. Google’s business model is also a disruptor, with Google search engine and Chrome browser now the market leaders. And with the introduction of Android, Google has also disrupted the mobile phone market. In fact, Google Labs are bringing out new products and releasing code into the market to lead disruption.

However, disruptors by no means need to be multinationals. Trends that disrupt the market can bring hosts of different companies into the limelight, while others fade.

Identifying Skills Gaps and Actionable Insight

The trend in learning technologies is toward systems that can provide insights from the data they collect. That is why all of eCom’s eNet applications focus on giving you the data you need.

The main challenges have been getting the right kind of training data, as most of the data coming from existing systems was fine for F2F practical session outcomes. Now more than half of organisations say they recognise the value of their training data more than before the pandemic.

eCom’s latest R&D product, eNetReality, our VR authoring tool that enables non-technical users to create VR learning and assessment experiences for their workforce, includes a number of delivery options, so no matter what your current learning technology is, you'll be able to utilise the product and get the data and insight you need.

Increasing Productivity

Most companies recognise the need to implement new tools and technology, but the path forward is often less clear. In the future, if it can be predicted, use of digital will only increase. We have many years of experience in supporting organisations on their digital journey, helping them transform their business by embracing new digital technology which will allow businesses to remain competitive and improve overall productivity.